- our story -

In the 90’s street skating was never accepted and even to this day, it’s still not welcomed outside of the skateparks. Growing up, watching street skating videos shot in New York and California, I wanted that street skate scene in my hometown of Florida. Always dreaming of the perfect street skate spot where I didn’t have to worry about security guards kicking me out, Karen’s calling the cops or skate stops blocking that perfect ledge or rail. It was a dream back when I was a kid and still is to this day.

Being a father of 3 now, I have the enjoyment of skating with my 3 kids and frequenting the local skate parks, but none of the parks have that street element that I am forever looking for, forcing me to still take it to the streets, even with my kids. But, safety, getting kicked out, lack of good, skateable spots all still prohibit me and my kids from living that street skate dream.

There is also the weather… If you live in Florida, you know all about the rainy afternoons during certain times of the year that always seem to happen right at prime skate times. Street skate prohibitors lie at every street corner. So, I decided to put a stop to the prohibitors and bring the streets indoors. No rain, no one kicking you out, no skate stoppers, no limitations to what you can do – the dream street spot! You want rails, steps, gaps, you’ll have it all in the perfect indoor setting. A local street skater, creating a local street spot - indoors. Not a pro park, a street park for all ages, all skill levels, and all skaters!